Our Story

 Reckless is a high-powered, high-energy, rock cover band with loads of talent that brings you a great party rock show from beginning to end. Reckless is made up of 6 multi-talented musicians led by a powerful female vocalist which allows this band to cover some of the most loved female artists from Janis Joplin, Heart, No Doubt and many more and with our awesome male vocalists, Reckless leaves nothing out. From the classics of Led Zeppelin, Journey and the Beatles to Foo Fighter and Maroon 5, from ballads to power rock.  Let's not forget all our dance songs as well, Bruno Mars, Blondie.....  Something for everyone!!

Reckless has a driving force of great guitarists, awesome keys and a rhythm section that will get your heart pounding!

Another attraction of Reckless is their ability to involve the crowd with their show.  They give their audience the feeling of one big party!

Reckless continues to add to their song list which includes the newest of hits to finding some of those timeless classics we all love.

Reckless has played in some of the hottest Chicago and Suburban clubs as well as fests, corporate events and weddings for over 8 years. Their popularity continues to grow with every performance.

Reckless is one band you will not want to miss!!!